Beyond The Collapse Foto - 2015

Beyond The Collapse

Active from 2003 – 

Members – Gregi: Vocals & Guitar / Kajo: Drums / Rafi: Vocals & Guitar / Chrigi: Bass

ReleasesB&F 010: Beyond The Collapse

Bio: Beyond the Collapse is a four-piece combo from Winterthur, Switzerland, playing a mix of post hardcore and melodic punk. The band was formed in 2003, named Bealox and particularly playing melodic-skate-punk. Since then, the musical preferences of the band members have constantly been changing and developing, just like the band’s songwriting which changed into a melancholic, whiskey swayed and unpretentious music, attributed by personal and socio-critical lyrics.

Anyhow, the band never lost its juvenile energy and fun on stage and is still rocking loud. After the long process of songwriting and recording, Beyond the Collapse is burning to get back on stage again and present all the new stuff. With the first Beyond the Collapse LP coming out in spring 2015 over Berrymore & Flare, they keep moving forward; hopefully, into your speakers, venue and, most important, into your hearts.