Active from 2012 –

Members – Rolf: Guitar & Vocals / Robin: Vocals / Marco: Bass / Sam: Drums / Simon: Guitar & Vocals

ReleasesB&F 004: Nothing Left To Say 7″

Bio: Entitled is a five piece hardcore unit from St. Gallen, Switzerland of which the story is told pretty quick. Five friends who had played in different punk and hardcore bands in Switzerland formed the band Winner Takes It All. They recorded a two song demo and performed some shows until the vocalist left the band. Robin, who was a good friend to the band, took the old singers place and the old songs were buried. The band changed their name to Entitled and wrote new material focusing on oldschool hardcore. Before anyone knew what exactly is going on the band found themselfs recording a bunch of songs in their drumers basement. Their first EP „Nothing Left To Say“ was born. The recordings were sent to a few labels of which Acuitymusic decided to release them online. Finally Entitled found a home for the physical release in Berrymore & Flare.