grim goat

Grim Goat

Active from 2010 – 2015

Members – Max: Bass / Nico: Guitar & Vocals / Heiner: Drums / Alex: Vocals

ReleasesB&F 002: Answers Follow From Questions / B&F 006: Fear Keeps Us Small

Bio: Grim Goat was a four piece hardcore unit from Münster, Germany. They started as a band in 2010 when lifetime friends Alex, Nico, Heiner and Max decided to play together. Influenced by crews such as Sick Of It All, This Is Hell, Death By Stereo and Raised Fist they mix old school hardcore with punk rock and thrash. GRIM GOAT released their self-recorded demo «For Your Life» in 2011. With the demo in their bag, the band was sharing the stage with a lot of international and national bands like «The Riot Before (USA)», «Real McKenzies (CAN)», «Rat City Riot (USA)», «Hell Money (UK)», «Idle Class (DE)» and more. The powerful delivered shows and the success of their demo brought them attention of a wider audience who was now longing for more.

In summer 2012 GRIM GOAT hit the studio again to start working on their first full-length record. While recording they got signed by Swiss label BERRYMORE & FLARE with whom GRIM GOAT decided to work together with for the release of their debut. «Answers Follow From Questions» is going to be released October 31st. The record release show is going to happen the same day in Münster, Germany. «Answers Follow From Questions» is musically still mostly influenced by their different favorite styles in music, combined with what you can call New York’s finest. Lyrically the band still deals with social misgivings and personal situations but they never lose their optimism and hope.

What it means to live in western civilization these days and how to manage not to fail but to survive in it, was a big influence to the lyrics. «To see people lose their homes while others have more than they can ever use just makes us sick», the band says. They still have hope that one day everything will be better, but till that day GRIM GOAT is playing their songs of truth so no one will ever lose the positivity!