Hunted Like Thieves Promo 2015

Hunted Like Thieves

Active from 2013 – 

Members – Pascal: Bass / Kristian: Guitar / Kajo: Drums / Christian: Vocals / Frank: Guitar

Releases – B&F 012: Echoes

Bio: The 5-piece collective of HUNTED LIKE THIEVES first met in the summer of 2013. Having played in bands such as Turning Cold, Black The Color or Out Of Condition, all the members wanted to start something new and – whilst having their background mainly in the Hardcore and Punk scene – move forward and create their very own, new and fresh blend of melodic hardcore, whilst also being open to other influences. Very soon everyone realized that all wanted to head in the same direction and a common ground for evolving new tunes was laid.

Just after a few months of playing together, the band recorded a two song demo and played their first show in February 2014. The band since then appeared regularly on stages throughout Switzerland. In January 2015, HUNTED LIKE THIEVES went to SOS Basement Studios in Oberentfelden to record their first album called “Echoes”. Packed with raw energy, sheer emotions and a strong message, these 11 songs, into which the members poured all their hearts, will be a milestone in the band’s journey. They are very proud of the result and can’t wait to get back on stage with the new material. The album is planned to see the light of day in late summer/fall 2015 and will be released on Berrymore & Flare Records. Be prepared!