Keep Talking_Band_Pic_2014

Keep Talking

Active from 2013 – 

Members – Dario: Guitar / Philippe: Vocals / Flurin: Guitar / Remo: Bass / If: Drums

ReleasesB&F 008: As Above, So Below

Bio: Hailing from central Switzerland Keep Talking is a band consisting of members from Cancel The Sky and Rabbit Lesson. In November 2013 Philippe and Remo decided to create a band that finds itself in the harder section of hardcore but still remaining melodic at it’s core. Influences are bands like Mother of Mercy, Alpha & Omega, War Hungry etc.
The band quickly found it’s other 3 members and played their first shows in April 2014. The songs are mostly socially critical and are far away from positive. The shows are very personal, energetic and honest.

In June 2014 the band recorded their first demo and brought them out on tape that sold out. In it’s young history Keep Talking played shows with bands like Knuckledust, Forsaken and War Charge. In October 2014 Keep Talking played their first tour through Italy and Switzerland before signing with Berrymore & Flare. A first release over the new won label is scheduled for 2015 following a tour in Indonesia.