the violent ballads

The Violent Ballads

Active from 2012 – 

Members – Toby Last: Everything but drums / Soeges: Drums

What to do if your main band is on a break and your having extra energy? Form a side project!

That’s exactly what happend to Toby Last, songwriter in Youkandance and only steady member in The Violent Ballads. While not being on tour with his main band in fall 2011, he disappeard in his recording studio and wasn’t seen anymore for weeks. When he finally got out again he had a few songs with him, The Violent Ballads were born.

You wanna know The Violent Ballads recipe? Here’s the answer: First of all you need lot of guitar layers and tons and tons of effect pedals. Ask a incredible drummer to play to it and press record in your studio. Mix the now recorded fragments with drum loops, pianos and a deep all grounding bass. Add some influences by bands like This Will Destroy You, Mono or Envy and finally, start nerding around! What you’ve got? Post-Rock as it’s best with a twist of it’s own!

It’s not sure yet if the songs will ever be performed live, Toby Last said. But he will maybe considering to form a live band to support The Violent Ballads upcoming ep. The yet unnamed ep is gonna be released over Berrymore & Flare.

Till then you’ll get the chance to check out The Violent Ballads first video.