turning cold

Turning Cold

Active from 2009 – 2013

Members – Kristian: Guitar / Christian: Vocals / Pascal: Bass / Dominique: Guitar / Michel: Drums

ReleasesB&F 001: Reclamation From Within / B&F 003: Turning Cold & Rabbit Lesson Split 7″

Bio: Hailing from the greater Zurich (Switzerland) area, the 5-piece collective of TURNING COLD started out in the summer of 2008, having one common goal: Sharing their passion for hardcore and punkrock music and transforming this into powerful songs with a strong message.

Musically inspired by late 90’s and early 2000’s oldschool bands like In My Eyes, Champion or Go It Alone and more modern, melodic tunes, the band soon managed to carve out their very own brand of hardcore. Although the name TURNING COLD refers to a thoughtful way of looking at the world and its events, the main approach is to empower oneself, not give in, and live life to the fullest.

After a few months of rehearsals, the band first hit the stage in 2009, and since then played more and more shows, be it in Switzerland or abroad. After releasing a 4-Song DIY-Demo in 2010 and a line-up change on guitar, the Zurich-based band released their first 6-song EP called «A Reclamation From Within» on Berrymore & Flare. On this record they really step up their musical level and show their approach as one of the most dedicated upcoming bands.

For their winter tour in 2013 Turning Cold went in the studio again, this time with their brothers in Rabbit Lesson. The result was a 7″-split which was also released over Berrymore & Flare. In late 2013 the band called it an end and they played their last show in support of the whole B&F-Family.