i.explode.i – Golden Boats

Cover Golden Boats EP

We are very happy to announce the release of i.explode.i‘s first release “Golden Boats“!

Not much has to be said about their music since the videos they have shot so far talk for themselves, but everyone who likes grown up Punk-Rock with a twist of it’s own will love i.explode.i.
Their EP “Golden Boats” comes as a 12″-record on golden vinyl and only 200 were made. Since it is limited you better get your copy of that masterpiece either over our store or at a i.explode.i show. If you don’t own a record player but still want to listen to their music you can get all of the songs for FREE over the bands band-camp site (donations are welcome). Soon “Golden Boats” will be available on I-Tunes and Spotify as well.

If you like to see the band in action you’ll have the chance on October 23rd at Eldorado, Zürich or October 24th at Hirscheneck, Basel.


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