We are very proud to welcome I.Explode.I in the B&F family. This new St. Gallen located combo is going to release their first EP over Berrymore & Flare during spring/summer 2014.

The last few months the band spent most of their time writing, recording and shooting videos. Yes, this wasn’t a spelling mistake; videoS!
“We want to release the 6-song EP song by song, therefor we made a video for each song. Every month we want to release one of the songs as a video and exclusive free download. Of course there’s also going to be a limited vinyl version of the EP”, said Rico Bronson, the band’s lead singer.
The video-song-releases will start on Monday April 21 with the video to the song “Golden Boats”. We’ll set you up with further information within the next few days.
Stay tuned for more!


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