I’m Alive Video

Xmas is coming closer and we assume you’re all busy getting prepared for it. We at Berrymore & Flare are especially looking forward to a few days off at the end of the year. But before we leave you alone with your beloved ones we want to give you something on the way. i.explode.i, our busiest video-combo shot another video to a song from their debut Ep “Golden Boats“. The song is called “I’m Alive” and is the most quiet song from their record, which (in our opinion) makes it perfect as a pre-xmas-release. Their Ep “Golden Boats” is still available over our online store or over bandcamp.  It comes as a 12″-record on golden vinyl and only 200 were made.  If you don’t own a record player but still want to listen to their music you can get all of the songs for FREE over the bands bandcamp site (donations are welcome) or Spotify.

Enjoy the video and merry Xmas!


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