The Giving: New Video & Record Release & Shows

As announced in November, on December 26th Berrymore & Flare releases The Giving’s debut record. The release show for “Letters Of An Untold Story” will be held at the Box in Davos, Switzerland. Hunted Like Thieves and Your Fault will support that event with breath taking performances.

Since we know that it is hard to get your attention these days (Star Wars, Christmas, ………..but mostly Star Wars) The Giving decided to release a second video of their upcoming debut. It is now available on Youtube and features the song “Waiting To Be Seen”. In our opinion it fits in perfectly to the whole pre-xmas-madness, since it’s whole message is that you should take care of your loved ones.

If one more song of the giving is not enough for you and you can’t wait till the 26th, then get yourself the latest issue of the Ox-Magazine. The Giving is represented on the CD with a (yet) unreleased track. In case you can’t make it to the release show, go check our “Show-Section”, there’s plenty of possibilities to go and watch The Giving performing live.

That’s for now. Stay tuned for more!

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