Turning Cold are on Tour with Rabbit Lesson / Latest Berrymore & Flare release / Signing of a new band

Turning Cold are going to play a Winter-Tour with long time friends Rabbit Lesson. They’ll play Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Check out the tour dates if you want to know more. To honour this event Berrymore & Flare will release a Split 7“ of the two touring bands. The 7“ was recorded live in one day at the PitStopStudios St. Gallen. It comes in colored vinyl is limited on 150 and can only be purchased on tour or in our lovely label store.

While recording the 7“ we made good friends with the guys of Rabbit Lesson and so we decided that they will become a part of the Berrymore & Flare Family as well. Wicked! While celebrating the signement of Rabbit Lesson we got bad news from our old fellas Car Drive Anthem which decided to retire. We were shocked but it’s how the things in life are, we guess.

Here’s a statement of the band. We also got new stuff for our label shop and we’re right now trying to sign a new band.

So, stay tuned for more. Berrymore & Flare

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