We are very proud to welcome Grim Goat into the growing Berrymore & Flare – Family

Berrymore & Flare signed a new band and is working on upcoming releases!

Grim Goat is a four piece hardcore combo from Münster / Germany. It’s a pretty new band and their sound is somewhere in between Sick Of It All and Raised Fist.
Berrymore & Flare is releasing Grim Goat’s first full length «Answers Follow From Questions» on October 31st. The record is gonna be available on CD, ITunes and Spotify. This event will be celebrated with a release show at the Baracke in Münster / Germany the same day. At the show they are gonna be supported by long time friends Idle Class, Under Hoods and Camp Late. Please check out Grim Goat’s media player to get a sense of what to expect.

Besides signing Grim Goat Berrymore & Flare is currently working on Violent Ballad’s first release. Furthermore
Car Drive Anthem is releasing a yet untitled 12″ ep in January 2013 and Turning Cold is coming up with a 7″ tour split.

Stay tuned for more and keep checking out our store for B&F products!

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